Email list management

Manage and grow the key to your marketing success: your email mailing list.

Easily upload your current email list to your Constant Contact account

Easily upload your current list of contacts ​&​ ​email addresses​.

Whether you built your mailing list through an opt-in form or sign-up form you can use​ Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, your e-commerce platform ​or​ wherever you currently store your contacts email address, we make it easy to upload them to your Constant Contact account and start sending ​your​ email campaign​​.

Use tags to categorize contacts using our contact list management tools

Use tags to categorize contacts on your targeted email lists.

Group your email subscribers with tags so the right groups get the right message. Create ​mailing list​ categories that make sense for your organization, like “Facebook fan,” ​“social media,”​ “VIP,” or “prospect.”

Segment contacts to send targeted email campaigns.

Our contact list management and segmentation tools empower you to create customized segments based on your recipients’ engagement with your emails, location, company details, and already-existing​ distribution​ lists—all so you can send targeted emails with relevant messages ​for specific subscribers​.

Duplicate contact management ​- list cleaning.​

Constant Contact’s powerful email list management ​(email list cleaning service) automatically updates duplicate and unsubscribed contacts for you.

Unlimited storage and custom fields.

Securely store as little or as much contact information as you want with each email address​ in your email database​—like company, birthday, website, mobile phone number, account number, and more.

Capture new contacts with our sign up tools.

Grow your email list with our list-building tools to capture new contacts on the web, through social media, mobile, in-person, and through our integrations in the MarketPlace. ​Some of these email sign up tools use an opt-in form or email sign-up form on your site to help build your email list.

Constant Contact makes it easy for you​r email campaign​ to succeed.

Connect with your customers and prospects in minutes with email marketing. With so many great features, including one-click editing, social integration, and comprehensive tracking, see for yourself how powerful email marketing can be.

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